Why Music Is Integral to Our Services at Dove of Peace

Why Music Is Integral to Our Services at Dove of Peace


Martin Luther himself wrote that “Next to the word of God, music deserves the highest praise.” Here at Dove of Peace Lutheran Church, we take those words to heart. The physical space of our church is largely dedicated to a musical experience, with a large pipe organ originally installed by the Moeller Company in the 1960s, and currently in the process of renovation and expansion. Every Sunday, the organ enriches our services as a time-tested accompaniment to our group singing. Along with traditional hymns, we incorporate a wide range of musical genres, instruments, and styles into our services. 


God loves beauty, and expressing beauty praises God. 


Living in the scenic Sonoran Desert, we see God’s beauty all around us, every day. Music is our way of contributing to the beauty God has surrounded us with. During services, we sing every chance we get. We also have a Chancel Choir and Bell Choir, which welcome new members of all ranges and levels. Musical performances are often enriched by strings, brass, piano, percussion, and woodwinds. Through these rich ensemble performances, we bring opportunities to experiment with new musical styles and celebrate as various holidays and milestones pass. 


Music moves us in body and heart. 


Participating in making music or even simply listening to music moves us, not just physically, but in our hearts as well. Music amplifies spiritual and emotional experiences, creating a special connection to our Sunday worship. 


Music connects us to our surrounding community. 


It’s not just within Sunday services that music has a place at Dove of Peace. We host an annual free concert series and other special events like Mardi Gras Mass or springtime Jazz Under the Stars, which welcome all members of our surrounding community to come and enjoy. We relish this shared experience embracing the beauty that is all around us and the beauty that we can create ourselves in praise of God. 


Through stunning architecture and artistic embellishments, our church is designed as a space to inspire your creative soul and enrich the experience of worship. Join us for Sunday services in-person to feel the unique energy of our artistic faith community.