How Dove of Peace Is Different From Other Faith Communities

How Dove of Peace Is Different From Other Faith Communities


In a perfect world, churches would all serve as centers for building a sense of community, deepening their attendees’ relationship with the gospel, and fostering relationships within their surrounding communities. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some faith communities end up isolating their members or placing undue pressure on them, maybe even following harsh or abusive practices. Dove of Peace Lutheran Church strives to serve as a beacon for those who have felt unwelcome in other churches, setting ourselves apart in the following ways. 


Inclusivity and Diversity


We are all human. Everyone comes from unique backgrounds and faces a distinct set of challenges in their lives. While other churches may be unwelcoming to certain populations, we welcome all who are interested in attending our services. We fully embrace our LGBTQ+ members, as well as those who may have been turned away or harshly judged within other faith communities. We believe that we are made better by the diversity and uniqueness of every member of our congregation. Come as you are in casual attire, with tattoos and makeup, in a coat and tie, or any other way you feel comfortable. 


Intellectual Growth 


Many faith communities do not welcome questions, especially those that may challenge traditions of the church. Dove of Peace values intellectual growth and encourages questions to deepen our understanding of our own faith. 


Community Connections 


All too often, faith communities are quick to turn a blind eye to those in need. Our church pairs worship with action, readily providing aid for individual and community needs. We take part in fundraising concerts to fund organizations like Gospel Rescue Mission, Youth on Their Own, Emerge!, and TIHAN. In addition, we regularly communicate with the school nurse at Lulu Walker Elementary School to provide supplies, clothing, and backpacks to those in need. We believe in supporting all children in our neighborhood, whether they are part of our congregation or not. 


Experience the difference at Dove of Peace Lutheran Church for yourself. We invite you to attend our Sunday services in person or online.