Doing meaningful work for those in our community is treasured at Dove of Peace. Care for those in need is an important part of our values, and it benefits us, too. Make your life about something bigger than yourself when you help us help others.

At Dove of Peace, we practice a joyful generosity—and we practice it every day! The scope of our helping is wide, as we work with individual and community needs.


When a homeless person rings the buzzer on our door, they instantly receive a bag of food suitable for someone who’s living rough. No qualifying questions. Every month, some of us gather to shop for, cook, deliver, and serve a hot dinner for 100 men at the Primavera shelter. Every month we take several hundred pounds of food items to Interfaith Community Services for their food bank. We have an enthusiastic team for the yearly Feed My Starving Children event, a project with an international reach.


We keep in touch with the school nurse at Lulu Walker, our local elementary school. She lets us know when her cupboard supply should have more hoodies, shoes, underwear, or jackets for students whose needs are immediate.

“Just working and playing isn’t enough for me. Isn’t there some way I can DO something for the pain in the World?”

Our signature operation of outward-directed charity is our free classical concert series between New Year’s Day and the end of April. We pay the costs of these four concerts. The freewill offering goes entirely to the specific charity for that occasion. Our concerts have raised thousands of dollars for groups like TIHAN, Emerge!, Youth on Their Own, and Gospel Rescue Mission.

“I’ve clicked the Donate button lots of times. But that feels superficial. Is there a way to make my good intentions more concrete?”

Our budget includes line items that support advocacy in the community, through groups like Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, Interfaith Community Services, and the Pima County Interfaith Council.

Does any of this seem to have your name on it? Find out more and work with us. You don’t have to sign up or commit; let us know what you’d like to do.

Contact us to discuss in more detail.

We invite you to explore the beauty, connection, shelter, purpose, and thought that are at the heart of Dove of Peace Lutheran Church. Whether you are seeking fellowship and worship, a safe and nurturing space, guidance and encouragement on your journey of faith, or opportunities for thoughtful contemplation and discussion, you will find them here. Come and be a part of our loving and welcoming community.