Many people think of God and the Church when they think of weddings, funerals, and baptisms. However, there are many, many occasions when we might thank God or seek his presence.

Occasions when we might seek a pastor or members of the congregation to join with us:

  • The blessing of a home or apartment
  • Graduation from high school or college
  • Retirement
  • Litigation, criminal proceedings, or imprisonment
  • The blessing of pets
  • Entering a long-term care facility
  • Birthdays

Twice each year, our pastor and other clergy participate in the ecumenical blessing of the vineyards and the harvest at Sonoita Vineyards, a vineyard with whom our congregation has historical ties.

At Dove of Peace, we remember God’s promises and presence in life’s best moments, as well at life’s darkest moments.

What do I need to do to request the pastor or members of the congregation to join me in a specific blessing or celebration?

If you would like to find out more about how Dove of Peace Lutheran Church can assist you with this, please contact us at 520.887.5127 or email us.