Connecting Worship and Intellect

Connecting Worship and Intellect


Attending church services isn’t just about getting easy answers. Sermons should offer space for both intellectual and spiritual growth by allowing room for discussions and questions, leaving space for continued thought and reflection. Here at Dove of Peace Lutheran Church, we value members of our congregation as free thinkers who all come with their own questions and rational thoughts. Humans are incredibly curious by nature, and we encourage that curiosity and nurture it within an analytical environment. 


Linking Old Traditions and New Situations


Worship is based on rituals and literature of the past, but it is important to continually contextualize those old traditions within the ever-changing modern world. Great figures in the Bible embark on significant intellectual and personal journeys that transform their lives and ways of thinking. This reflects the journeys we take ourselves in finding our own place in the world.  


Welcoming Questions and Intellectual Discussions


Many of our members have joined us from other faith communities where they felt that their questions were never adequately addressed. People often seek out church services to find answers to their deepest questions and make sense of a hectic and challenging world. We strive to provide a place where those questions are met with fulfilling discussions to deepen our understanding of what our lives are truly about. 


Choosing the Right Pastor 


In selecting our pastor, we envisioned an individual who not only brought an open heart, but an open mind to our church. We found Pastor Steve Springer, an honors graduate who holds a postgraduate degree following several years at a seminary associated with the University of Chicago. As a credentialed scholar, Pastor Steve spends much of his free time in study, allowing him to bring thought-provoking discussions to every sermon. 


Dove of Peace Lutheran Church fosters a welcoming environment for anyone interested in attending our services. Join us on every Sunday for worship in-person or virtually via livestream.