In our church, we value deep thought and reflection as a way to connect with the divine and grow in our faith. Our services and programs are designed to inspire and challenge you to think more deeply about your beliefs and how they can inform your daily life. We invite you to join us and engage in thoughtful contemplation and discussion.

At Dove of Peace, we value intellect. In worship we practice some very old rituals to illuminate very new situations. In the sermon, we are addressed as fellow learners, as people who desire things to think about, not easy answers and instructions.

In choosing our pastor we sought out a credentialled scholar, the kind of person who spends much of the week in study. Our present Pastor Steve Springer is an honors graduate, and holds a further degree granted after years of post-graduate work at a seminary associated with the University of Chicago. We value a leader whose mind is as keen as his heart is warm for service.

At Dove, your mind, your intellect, your rational self is nourished and cherished. Questions are encouraged. We use the language and concepts of the past, so that we remember and use its wisdom. But we are encouraged to explore, to ponder, to engage with traditions as they apply—or don’t apply —to our present world.

“I’ve always thought that you have to turn off your brain to have a church connection.”

“I have questions, but what I hear from churches doesn’t really address them.”

All the great figures of Biblical record are described as people who journey from one way of being to another way. Abraham and Sarah take off for the unknown; Mary agrees to an unbelievable task; Paul starts out as an opponent and ends up as the greatest exponent of the message that God loves people and has tried again and again to demonstrate this, ultimately with Jesus as the Message itself.

We honor their journeys, and your journey, as we use our minds to know more of what our lives are about.

We invite you to explore the beauty, connection, shelter, purpose, and thought that are at the heart of Dove of Peace Lutheran Church. Whether you are seeking fellowship and worship, a safe and nurturing space, guidance and encouragement on your journey of faith, or opportunities for thoughtful contemplation and discussion, you will find them here. Come and be a part of our loving and welcoming community.